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The workshop is directed by Claudio La Camera and Maria Ficara, respectively director and dramaturg of Teatro Proskenion, in collaboration with the performers Valerio Apice and Nino Racco.

The workshop is the result of a long research on the improvisation in theatre that the group realised together with the Drama Department of the University of L’Aquila, where these members of Teatro Proskenion have given courses and trained students since 2000. The workshop takes account of the complex system of symbols and anthropological signs that constitute the characters of Pulcinella and Giangurgolo, so as to display the different ways in which the art of improvisation is enacted.

The workshop analyse some of the classical plot sketches from the Commedia dell’Arte tradition and the different “levels of improvisation” between stage and audience.

The workshop is suitable to a large audience thanks to the many moments of performance within the work-demonstration.



Duration: two hours