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The Commedia dell’Arte visits Ireland! 

The Italian based theatre group Teatro Proskenion was present in Ireland exclusively for the Venetian Carnival, where it brought the energy of Commedia dell’Arte to the event organized by Fighting Blindness on the 10th of March 2007 at the Castle of Clontarf, Dublin. 

The main professional stage tradition that made Italian performers famous all over the world since the Renaissance, has been at the heart of Proskenion activities since 1999, and the artists of the group excel in the skills  of theCommedianti. Experts in the use of masks, the performers of Teatro Proskenion enacted the traditional features of this art, from slapstick sketches to romantic scenes.  Italian songs and poems conveyed the sounds of the dialects spoken in the streets of Naples, Rome, Milan, and other towns, and the music carried the rhythms of dances like tarantellapizzicaand tammorriata. 

The famous characters of the Commedia dell’Arte, like Pulcinella,Giangurgolo, il Magnificoil Dottore, all representing different regions in the tradition of the Commedia, have stumbled on a special character from Venice, a narrator who decided to accompany them to Dublin… Giacomo Casanova!

Performers and musicians of Teatro Proskenion present at the Venetian Carnival 2007:

Valerio Apice, Giulia Castellani, Vincenzo de Salvo, Salvatore Familiari, Demetrio Fortugno, Fabio Macagnino, Vincenzo Mercurio, Santo Nicito, Benno Plassmann. 

Dramaturge: Maria Ficara, 

Director: Claudio La Camera.