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The Mask


Present in the cultures of the whole world, the mask is one of the most ancient objects ever made, witnessing the creativity of the human being. As a clear sign of the birth of organized representations within the magic-religious world, the mask is considered an early document of the history of theatre, of which it has been part since the beginnings, in the classical theatre traditions of both Eastern and Western countries, until today. The symbolical importance that makes the mask a universal category, is witnessed today by the hundreds theatre plays of the twentieth century in which it is used.

Characteristic element of the rites of Southern Italy, still very alive in this culture in the present day, the mask is an essential trait of the Commedia dell’Arte, the most famous theatre tradition from Italy. The mask has made “immortal” the characters who were born within the popular tradition, and who later survived in the different cultures.

Contemporary studies and new disciplines, such as Theatre Anthropology, have drawn the attention and cast a new light on the secret art of the actors who gave life to the professional art form based on the use of masks.




The Exhibition




The space suitable to allow a “spectacular” opening, is a space 10 x 15 m, with good lighting. It is also possibile to set up the exhibition in more spaces with a total perimeter summing up to 40 m. The exhibition displays 30 masks.





The Characters of Commedia dell’Arte

Work demonstration- opening of the Mask- exhibition


The exhibition introduces the several aspects connected to the use of the Commedia dell’Arte masks and its spreading in the European countries, whilst the use of masks on stage is presented by performers through famous characters of the Italian theatre tradition such as Giangurgolo, Pulcinella and Harlequin.

Staging improvised farcical scenes, accompanied by music and songs, the actors easily introduce concepts such as “character”, “repertoire”, “plot sketch” and “improvisation”. Famous roles such as that of “ the Captain”, “the Zanni”, “the Servant”, “the Doctor” and of “the Lovers” reveal the key characters of this theatre tradition. In this way, the exhibition becomes the scenario-set that permits telling in a unique way what is “around” the experience with the Commedia dell’Arte today.



Total Mask

Workshop on the mask

directed by Fabio Butera




Workshop on the design, construction, and use of the masks of Commedia dell’Arte

Duration: 2 hours



The workshop is suitable to a large audience: students, actors, directors and costume makers. It aims to provide all those who want to deepen their knowledge of the masks with a methodology. Starting from the technical aspects that are the basis for mask-making, the theme of the theatre mask as a work of art is discussed, as a result of a working process that deals with the theme of “dramaturgy”. The laboratory is directed by Fabio Butera.



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