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The Mask Exhibit

An exposition with historical and technical explanations ,leads to the vision of nearly fifty masks, inspired by popular traditions and by the commedia dell’arte.

The masks realized for the scenario “Pulcinella a Pezzi” are accompanied by the process that brought them to creation, the intermediate masks and the improvised sketches during the two years of work are shown in a way that highlights the creative process. In this mode, the scenario that the masks have animated becomes the scenery that permits recounting in a unique way what is “around” the experience with the Commedia dell-Arte today. Three appendages complete the exhibit: famous masks of the commedia dell’arte, a section on the technique and construction in leather with examples of masks made from other materials, and a section on the “apotropaic masks”, (archetypes of the antique southern italian tradition still alive today).

The opening of the exhibit consists of a practical demonstration of the use of masks on stage by the actors and of a brief historical and anthropological exposition with introduces various aspects connected to the diffusion and the use of the mask. 

List of masks for the exhibit:


Pulcinella Zanni 

Ko-omote  (wood -  copy of a No mask)

Ko- omote (leather)

Amina with eyes open 

Amina with eyes closed 

Jugale (wood study for Giangurgolo)

Jugale (leather)

initial mask for Giangurgolo

definitive mask for Giangiurgolo

Neutra, study for musicians

Neutra, white with tear, study for musicians

Gatto, for the musician

Morte, for the musician

Arlecchino, natural

Arlecchino with mustache

Arlecchino, texturized

Medico delle Peste with glasses

Medico delle Peste


Orco, with mustache



Apotropaica 1 (wood)

Apotropaica 2 (leather)

Apotropaica 3 (leopard skin, leather)



Polifemo (wood)

Samurai (wood and leather)

Giangurgolo (papermaiche)





List of Pulcinella masks:

natural black

texturized black

natural black with white eyebrows

natural white

texturized white

natural white with red nose and cheeks

natural green

natural red

texturized red

natural red, with eyebrows 

natural brown

texturized brown

natural brown, with eyebrows

texturized leather

texturized black, with mustache under nose

natural black, with long beard

natural red, with long beard

dark leather, texturized, with white eyebrows

dark leather, texturized, with eyebrows and long beard

natural brown, with red cheeks


Pulcinellina (head of Bunraku marionette)

Giuseppe (marionette and bastion)

Maria (marionette in wood)