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Pulcinella in Pieces

A Farce based on the tradition of Commedia dell’Arte

From an idea by: Nicola Savarese, Mirella Schino, Ferdinando Taviani

Valerio Apice, Ivan Falso D’Urso, Vincenzo Mercurio,
Carmen Morabito, Nino Racco.
Scenography and masks: Fabio Butera.
Dramaturgy: Maria Ficara
Music: Vincenzo Mercurio, Dimir Viana, Nino Racco
Direction: Claudio la Camera

Length of Performance: 1 hour
Space: Room with audience on three sides

The performance, with music, songs, and “lazzi” (improvised scenes with specific characters), is in the style of the farces of the commedia dell’arte tradition. Based on improvised recitations, the actors move around the space amusingly intertwining their characters based on commedia dell’arte, like Pulcinella and Giangurgulo. The performance is adaptable to a heterogeneous public and may be presented in an enclosed space (no stage is necessary) for an audience of no more than 200 people. The actors are experts in the use of the masks they don within the scenes and the type of recitation that is inspired by commedia dell’arte.

“Pulcinella in Pieces” is based on a precarious equilibrium between premeditation and improvisation. It is seen as “one of the most original and supervised spins of commedia dell’arte, free from mannerisms that often contradict the attempts to restore the theatre to the ancient Italian comics. The traditions of mask making is revisited in the original manner, free from traditional paradigms, by the sculptor, Fabio Butera, and constitutes the heart of an active reflection in which participates the entire ensemble of Teatro Proskenion”.

A Day with Pulcinella
Within this framework, Teatro Proskenion presents "A Day with Pulcinella", a full-day event, suitable for participants of any age, in which the audience is involved and becomes part of the group’s activities. Several traditional scenes are acted by the characters of Pulcinella and Giangurgolo, combining the farcical sketches with the improvisations of the actors and musicians with the audience.
An exhibition takes form in the room, showing original hand-made leather masks, inspired by those traditionally worn by famous characters such as Harlequin and the Captain, created for a contemporary masked performance of Pulcinella and his companions. The workshop is completed by a conversation which, starting from the historical background of the Italian Commedia dell’Arte, leads to the practical demonstration of the traditional techniques of mask making.

Teatro Proskenion:
Fabio Butera (sculptor, puppeter and mask-maker), Valerio Apice (actor and poet), Nino Racco (actor and teacher), Vincenzo Mercurio (musician), Carmen Morabito (actress), Ivan Falvo d’Urso (Professor of "Life University"), Laine Satterfield (actress and teacher), Claudio La Camera (theatre director and educationalist), Maria Ficara (dramaturg and researcher)

Maximum participants: 100 people.
Duration of the workshop: a morning and afternoon